• ADA X – eXperience

    ADA X – eXperience

    Faster. More analytical. More intelligent.

    Discover a new way of managing your work, thanks to a one-of-a-kind Mobile Marketing platform, where human creativity and Artificial Intelligence computational skills come together, guaranteeing high-performance results.

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    Exclusive features

    Start creating unique content with the Google AMP Landing Page Builder. Monitor your campaigns’ results, thanks to the Digital Performance Index and Digital Performance App. Make the most of your own Virtual Marketing Assistant and enjoy an unprecedented interactive experience.

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    Google Amp Landing Page Builder

    When creativity and speed meet, the result is astonishing.

    You define the goal, we give you the tools to achieve it, in an instant.

    The new Google AMP Landing Page Builder is an innovative tool for building Landing Pages designed to create the perfect content and achieve specific objectives. It has two attractive features:


    Today, the Internet is all about mobile. Every time a web page takes too long to load, clients get nervous and the churn rate increases. The Google AMP technology implemented in our Landing Pages makes loading times instantaneous, providing a better user experience.


    Why following default models when you have a specific goal to reach? All you need is a unique, fully customisable content, created specifically for your purpose. With the new Builder, you can combine a contact form with a survey, as well as a ChatBot, interchangeably.

    Digital Performance Index (DPI)

    Your digital success is quantifiable

    Monitoring clients’ communication campaign performance

    Monitoring clients’ communication campaign performances is essential for Agencies, in fact, there’s nothing more exciting than measuring the results. Thanks to detailed insights, the Digital Performance Index delights both communication agencies and brands-customers’ needs.

    Intuitive interface

    The DPI offers a complete overview of the status of the brand digital presence taking into account unique views, interactions with content distributed and conversions generated by campaigns. All data is automatically transformed into information easily readable also by inexperienced teams.

    Reports always available

    Data and information are indispensable for every marketer. Having access to a wide range of indicators is a benefit an agency can’t neglect. The DPI allows you to select a time interval and extrapolate accurate reports at any time.

    Digital Performance App (DPA)

    Metrics and KPIs within an App

    An adequate marketing strategy is the key to brand success.

    Often, clients don’t understand that an adequate marketing strategy is the key to brand success. Companies expect concrete and measurable results that, very often they are not able to interpret correctly. The Digital Performance App was born precisely to fill in the gap in the knowledge of performance analysis, by reducing the distance that numbers, metrics, and KPIs create between agencies and customers.

    A unique view on results

    Retaining clients’ loyalty is more natural if you offer them a tool for monitoring their investments in real time.
    Through an App available for both Android and iOS, the client can receive detailed information on their campaigns’ progress and access to a wide range of indicators that enhance the work of the agency, with no need to write boring technical reports.

    Easy reading

    Designed to help people unfamiliar with numbers or that just have no time to analyse the marketing campaigns’ performances, the Digital Performance App summarises all the information in an index between 1 and 100, expressing the average of the values related to Views, Unique Views, Interactions, and Conversions.

    Virtual Marketing Assistant(DPA)

    Human heart, Artificial Intelligence.

    Language is the simplest and most natural way that man knows to interact with his surroundings.

    This simple truth encouraged us to make a real revolution in the marketing management software panorama. ADA X integrates a 3D Virtual Assistant, enhanced by Artificial Intelligence algorithms, capable of conversing as a human would do.

    The next level of experience

    Stop using mouse and keyboard to “give instructions” to the platform! Use voice commands!
    From traditional user interfaces to an interactive, fully customisable three-dimensional environment, in which a human-like avatar offers users fully immersive and enjoyable browsing experience. With ADA X, the conversation becomes the new human-machine interface.

    A cutting-edge technology

    The Virtual Marketing Assistant, integrated into ADA X, combines the power of human conversation with artificial intelligence algorithms and Natural Language Understanding, becoming every marketer’s ideal companion. A colleague with an artificial brain that guides the marketer in their operations, suggesting and providing them with the best content and detailed reports on the campaign progresses.

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