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    ADA for the music industry: Ermal Meta’ success

    Last Saturday – April 28th – the Mediolanum Forum of Assago (MI) hosted one of the most popular singers of the moment. We’re talking about Ermal Meta, winner of the 2018 edition of the Festival di Sanremo, presented his new album entitled “Non Abbiamo Armi”, already on top of Italian charts. The tickets for the first date of the “Non Abbiamo Armi Tour 2018” sold out in a few days; a deserved success due to his communicative skills and his meaningful music that have conquered the Fans.

    “I can’t believe it’s true! Three years ago, I was writing in my bedroom and this was quite unimaginable” [Ermal Meta]


    The reason is simple. It’s because we are proud to have contributed to the success of his concert with ADA, the most innovative, integrated Mobile Marketing platform enhanced by Artificial Intelligence solutions. Thanks to our technology, the singer’s official Fan Club, “I Lupi di Ermal”, employed ADA to manage the communication of the event and created a ChatBotone of a kind. Information about the concert, curiosity about the artist, updates on the tour dates and a video (MovieTelling) played by Ermal Meta before going on stage. This strategy was made possible thanks to the ADA tools, that generated Fan Engagement through the deployment of exciting smartphone-friendly content.


    Our Official Partner iDigital Company, a Tuscan company specialised in Mobile Marketing solutions played a big part in the event success. It interwove music and Digital Marketing and supported Mescal Music, Ermal Meta’s record label and his fan club “I Lupi di Ermal”.

    ADA was used to simplify the process of collecting Fan Club subscriptions and send exclusive content before and after the live show. Fans’ queries and curiosity about the tour, were handled by the ChatBot “LupidiErmal”, capable of responding at any time of the day to any questions about the cost of the ticket and the Fan Club subscription.

    The ChatBot was accessible via QR Code and Opt-in Tool printed on the Fan-action Flyer that Lupi di Ermal distributed to participants before the concert. The fan-action included a list of instructions to perform various choreographies during the live. What’s better than coordinating hundreds of people via smartphone? The ChatBot also collected the new Fan Club subscriptions, through a Marketing Automation workflow linked to a Landing Lead for requesting information. After the Fans left their data, they received an automatic email text message including a Landing mFlyer to complete the registration by paying in the PayPal account of the Mescal Music record label.


    After the concert, people who interacted with the Opt-in Tool received a StoryTelling sent via SMS Ads. The results of this campaign were incredible, with more than 50% of people reached by live communications and a 70% open rate. Mobile content generated high conversion rates too. But once the new Leads are acquired it is important to nurture the relationship established with them. In fact, the iDigital staff has already planned the next actions for Ermal Meta’s Fans by delivering a MovieTelling with dedicated content reliving the concert highlights.

    ADA proved to be once again a formidable companion for communication strategies, playing a key role in the music industry, where the relationship between artist and audience needs to be continuously nurtured.

    ADA made it possible to create personalised and fully mobile-friendly content with ease and achieve great results by sending Fans the right communication at the right time.

    The perfect symbiosis between technology (ADA) and strategy (iDigital) reinforces the idea that the ability to link and integrate different mobile content with each other, with no need to change device, is the key to a successful strategy.

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