• ADA Mobile Academy 2018


    The themes of user engagement and conversion and their increasing importance of to marketing strategies dominated the last edition of the ADA Mobile Academy, and inspired us to redesign some of the tools of ADA. Our aim has always been to maximize the potential of the platform and ensure every communication initiative yields the best possible returns.


    We are constantly working to tweak and optimize the performance of the ADA platform. Innovation and improvement are part of our DNA. Let’s take a closer look at the platform and its new features.

    Landing Page

    The ADA Mobile Academy meeting began with an illustration of the latest improvements to what is the most commonly used tool of the platform: the landing page. By adding two new CTAs, “Click to Download” and “Click to Call Back”, revising the methodology for building them and making use of Google AMP technology, we have both expanded the freedom of marketers to choose their own specific goals and extended the landing page’s capacity to acquire useful intelligence about visitors.


    Another highly topical theme, and one that received an enthusiastic response from the participants at the Mobile Academy meeting, is the use of AI in marketing. As the number of users interested in this technology continues to grow, so does the strength of our commitment to making the ADA ChatBot Builder the best editor out there for creating virtual assistants. Here, too, we were able to unveil several new features that make human-computer interactions even more natural and engaging.


    The second part of the morning was dedicated to the latest updates to UpperMail. Being very conscious of the importance of email communications for marketing campaigns, we have improved our UpperMail tool with the addition of a pre-send database verification feature that improves the rate of successful deliveries.

    GDPR and DPO

    The “hot topic” of the second part of the day was the much discussed General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a new European provision with enormous implications for anyone whose business activities revolve around the gainful exploitation of intelligence and data. While making ADA GDPR-compliant was a legal obligation, we also saw it as an opportunity to offer users of the platform a series of benefits that, we are sure, will make their lives easier.


    We are highly invested in the ADA Mobile Academy, which brings people from our industry together to share experiences and help one another move forward. The event has always inspired us to reach ever higher. Not only are we keen to offer our business partners a product that achieves consistently high levels of performance, but we also want to equip them with the specific skills that are so essential for a business operating in this demanding market. This is why the day also included presentations of successful case histories and competitive practical exercises, culminating with the announcement of a winner.

    The success of the day-long event is best expressed in the words of some of those who took part:

    Michelangelo Cerri – Business Developer for Mobilia

     “I believe these seminar events are conducive to personal and professional growth, also thanks to the input of peers who are willing to share some of the experiences they have gained in the field. I am very keen on the innovations that were presented here, especially the new CTAs and the new freedoms for the customization of the landing page.”

    Cristina Stracciari – Founder & Business Manager of Good News

     “These events offer an unmissable learning opportunity. They are the perfect occasion for us to come together and compare notes, to renew the positive energy and, inspired also by the innovations now coming down the pipeline, to rediscover the reasons for our enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is what propels us towards achieving excellence in our work. Thanks to these updates, I am confident of being able to provide my customers, both current and future, with an ever better performing service.”

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