• Communication agencies towards a paradigm shift and a new business model

    How are the dynamics of the marketing industry evolving and what to expect from communication agencies?

    Today’s communication agencies do not focus on creativity alone but are projected towards business performance measurement and creativity optimization. We are experiencing a real change of direction: from traditional agencies, aimed to create and distribute communication campaigns to “Media Agencies” for their ability to scale online performances, in real time, by accessing to accurate information.

    Agencies, therefore are developing marketing campaigns that allow them to better reach the consumer, through the best possible strategy.

    A tailor-made and consumer-oriented approach, together with the message to convey and the development of new technologies, especially Artificial Intelligence, are enhancing the brand value and helping brands to get closer to consumers.


    What is Artificial Intelligence?

    Artificial Intelligence refers to a set of algorithms, technologies, and techniques equipped with the standard capabilities of the human being. In a nutshell: the emulation of the human brain inside a machine! AI systems can make decisions and perform actions faster and easier than a human mind. AI is making significant reforms in many business sectors, above all else, it is reshaping marketing. It is the era of Artificial Intelligence Marketing.


    What is Artificial Intelligence Marketing?

    It is the marketing sector that deploys Artificial Intelligence technologies to interact with clients, improve market understanding and suggest the actions to be taken to refine the strategy, faster than a human mind.

    When it comes to big data, brands use the most advanced AI systems, improving their relationship with customers as well as obtaining positive feedbacks. Now more than ever, Agencies must analyze data.

    AIM can be divided into three phases:

    • Perception: gathering data from potential customers
    • Reasoning: data analysis
    • Action: actions on results

    In recent years, the marketing world has been revolutionized by data analysis. AI is gaining even more relevance in our daily business operations, mainly because it is able to emulate human thoughts. Automating means streamlining activities such as data collection, processing, and reporting.

    Thanks to AI, the Agency of the present and future can optimize creative processes and make communications even more targeted. In this way, marketers can deliver the right message to the right person at the right time. As users’ expectations are rising, brands must provide them with unique and engaging experiences. Nowadays, a bespoke communication is crucial in the choice of the product and leads to a higher return on investment in communication.

    Cost reduction, big data analysis, profiling, personalization and customer support are just some of the advantages deriving from Artificial Intelligence usage. Chatbots are undoubtedly the best AI Marketing Automation Tool, as they have changed the approach to lead generation. Virtual assistants that use a natural language, by engaging users in smart conversations. Thanks to conversational forms, the ChatBot is no longer a passive system for responding to users’ questions, but a proactive agent that interacts with its interlocutors by asking specific questions, and encourages conversational exchanges from which useful profiling data can be mined.  A new method of acquiring contacts that is revolutionizing the marketing world.





    How do you imagine the Agency of the future?

    Making decisions based on data is not a new concept for marketing and is the basis for any successful strategy or campaign. Communication agencies can take full advantage of AI to achieve this result. About 85% of the relationships between brands and consumers is expected to be brokered by machines by 2020 and, as a consequence, Agencies will become companies’ best strategic advisors!

    Not only creativity and brand storytelling but also technology, customer experience and digital transformation of the business from a data-driven perspective. However, companies are more vulnerable as they do not have the necessary tools and professional skills for processing and interpreting the enormous amount of information on the web.

    For this reason, the role of communication agencies has evolved. Now, they are partners capable of recommending strategic decisions, driving brands to better results, through campaigns designed on the basis of the correct reading of data. Content campaigns that attract selected groups of people, convert more effectively and allow companies to save money on their investments. So, what does an agency need to become a 4.0 Agency?

    1. Tools that monitor and simplify the interpretation of data, to make them easily accessible and immediately usable for campaigns
    2. Several tools converging in one place, to perform different activities i.e: the creation and distribution of engaging content on multiple channels and the measurement of campaign results
    3. Tools that enhance the creative abilities of the Agency and simplify teamwork
    4. Artificial Intelligence Systems that help the Agency to make better decisions and support the team while managing campaigns

    AI-driven Media Agency

    Our idea of the agency of the future includes a staff of professionals, in which human creativity is balanced by the potential of AI-powered digital platforms that streamline communication processes, giving real economic value to brands.

    Does your agency have the right tools to meet the challenges of the future? ADA is the answer to these needs: an integrated 100% Mobile-Friendly platform, in which three fundamental ideas converge to keep pace with the times of digital revolution: Social Media, Mobile, and AI.

    With ADA you will be able to leverage the potential of AI to finalize your campaigns, optimize time and achieve goals, through a predictive approach. Whatever problem or need your agency faces every day, ADA is the solution.

    ADA combines cutting-edge technologies and elements of artificial intelligence that sharpen the effectiveness of the day-to-day work of marketers, enabling marketing and communication agencies to handle a large number of customers directly from a single platform that is intuitive and simple to use.

    And how do you imagine the communication agency of the future? What tools are indispensable to manage your marketing activities?

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