• ADA & Zapier: connect to 1000+ apps

    Always wanted to connect your favourite business tools to Teamleader, but lack the coding experience? Great news: we’ve just added over 1000 integrations at once, thanks to a little tool called Zapier that hooks one app to another.

    The easiest way to explain? Zapier is all about conditions: if this happens in app A, then let that happen in app B.

    Time-saving superpowers

    Imagine you spend around 30 minutes a day manually entering new contacts. 30 minutes times 260 working days a year equals 7800 minutes, which translates to roughly 130 hours of manual labour.

    By simply connecting your contact form to Teamleader using Zapier, you spend 5 minutes setting up a super easy flow – saving you up to 20 working days a year!

    Creating a workflow is easy and does not require coding skills. With just a few clicks you can activate and implement your favorite workflow.

    Come Fare:

    STEP 1 – Create an account in Zapier.com

    STEP 2Click on our invitation to see the ADA application among those available in Zapier

    STEP 3 – Create a new Zap using the “Make a Zap” button

    STEP 4 – Give your ZAP a name

    STEP 5 – Search ADA among the available applications

    STEP 6 – Configure the action you want to perform, starting with the connection to your ADA account


    STEP 7 – Select the ADA group you want to refer to and continue to load demo data

    STEP 8 – Select the next action. You can create a Zapier trigger (Path, Filter, Delay, Formatter) or select one or more applications from more than 1000 available applications

    Finish your zap and launch it. Done From now on you will not have to worry about anything else.

    Ask for a live demo

    Start using it now, and discover how to improve your revenues.