• 6 basic habits for creating high-quality content

    Writing a blog is not always synonymous of success. To get positive results, content creators must have a clear idea on how to achieve their goals.

    Here are some successful habits:

    Habits of highly successful content creators

    1. Who are you writing for? Defining your audience is essential because talking to a young student is different than talking to a company CEO. Identify your audience’s age, gender, location, job and purchasing power. The type of content and tone of voice should fit your reader’s profile.
    2. Write on the regular. You’d be surprised to find out how fast and easy it is to write if you show willing every day. You don’t have to spend much time. Dedicate daily about 10 to 15 minutes writing three paragraphs.
    3. Keep reading over and over again. Every day, read news about your industry or sector both locally and globally. Being aware of the latest news and trends will ensure you offer top-notch content. You can set up an RSS feed; all the information will be delivered directly to your inbox.
    4. Focus on solutions. While writing your texts, don’t just focus on ideas that could spark debate. Generate value by looking for solutions to your audience’s problems: answer their questions, entertain them or provide an original point of view on topics that attract and affect them.
    5. Be inspired. Offer valuable and entertaining content, by constantly looking for new sources and let creativity and inspiration come to you. The best way to do this is to take the opportunity to exchange ideas and learn more about others’ point of view. That’s why social networks are a very effective tool, so keep your ears open!
    6. Measure your success. To analyse if your actions are accurate and if it is necessary to correct a possible mistake, detect strengths and weaknesses in your writing. You can use several KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), which will help you to understand how well your content is doing. For example, how many visitors come from social networks or how many readers come from direct Google searches.

    Adequate content will support your presence on the Internet; it will also allow you to nurture your social media channels and interact with users via smartphone. If you are already benefitting from AI, you are on the right track to start a successful Convergent Marketing process.

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