• ADAonCloud and Convergent Marketing land in USA

    After 7 months of the launch, the Convergent Marketing® has rapidly scaled in Europe and now in July 2019 just we have landed in USA, with our first PARTNER: MISSION MARKETING SOLUTONS.

    Definitively this represent for us a great (first) achievement in one of the most competitive Marketing space. Here below there is the full interview Greg Milliser y Peter MacIntyre the founders of this dynamic Convergent Marketing agency.


    Why you decide to apply to become a ADAonCloud Partner?

    Peter & Mike: We were bewitched by the first presentation of the concept and the platform. When we saw ADA for the first time, we liked the solution for its ease of use, the integration of all the most used marketing tools, the mobile focus, and then the artificial intelligence that drives ADA to be among the best performing platforms. Then when we saw the association with Convergent Marketing we immediately realized that it was a unique opportunity for the American market, and we wanted to be the first one.!


    What you see as an added value for ADA when you offer it to your clients?

    Peter & Mike The real value that ADA-X brings to the client is the savings of time and money.  With everything they need being under one login and in a single platform that has so many ways to integrate all the different pieces, it takes them a fraction of the time to complete their marketing tasks than it did before ADA-X.


    Why a Marketing Agency should become an ADA Partner?

    Peter & Mike: Because a Marketing Agency has so many connections into the marketing world through their clients, becoming an ADA Partner is an easy decision.  When they are able to sell the platform as part of their marketing package everybody wins. They get to help their clients expand their brand reach and add to their bottom line all at the same time.

    How did you see the Convergent Marketing® as a new Marketing Concept.?

    Peter & Mike When we first started to understand Convergent Marketing we begin to see how it has reinvented the idea of a “funnel.” We all need funnels to lead people through the sales process, but with Convergent Marketing the funnel became way more engaging and enjoyable.  This engaging process actually leads people to building a relationship with the brand rather than just purchasing something from it.  They become invested in the life of the brand and not just in their products.  This is the biggest contribution that Convergent Marketing brings to the world.

    How would you imagine ADA and Convergent Marketing in the next 3-5 years in USA?

    Peter & Mike In the next 3-5 years we can see ADA being the most talked about platform in the USA. It blows the competition out of the water when it comes to user-friendliness. When you add Convergent Marketing into the mix, it adds a huge value to ADA also. Once people see the value of Convergent Marketing and then see how ADA is built with Convergent Marketing in mind, the two become inseparable.  You could cobble together lots of different tools to create the same thing, but you would be wasting time and money in the process. ADA and Convergent Marketing fit together like a hand in a glove and this is the message we will be shouting from the rooftops.

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