• Smartphone: summer companion

    In general, summer is the best period to get some rest, putting aside duties, emails, appointments and social networks. But, you know, old habits die hard!

    A study conducted on 1,500 young people between the age of 25 and 35, by Samsung’s Trend Radar, analyzed the behaviour related to the use of smartphones during the summer.

    Smartphones prove to be the #1 travel companion among Millennials on vacation (88%), followed by tablets (55%) and e-Readers (44%).

    Smartphones are mainly used to:

    – Access the latest world news (85%),

    – Search for useful information during the trip (71%),

    – Take photos and videos (65%)

    – Keep in touch with family (59%)

    One in three Millennials uses it from 5 to 6 hours a day and 25% up to 8 hours.

    Samsung’s Trend Radar analyzed how young people use their smartphones at the beach.

    – They take photos and videos (89%)

    – They take selfies (54%)

    – They chat with friends (68%)

    – They search for events and restaurants to enjoy during the holiday (61%)

    – They listen to music (57%)

    – They check emails (53%)

    Based on the study, women are most obsessed with the smartphone at the beach (68%), against men (38%).


    The smartphone, before and during the trip

    Smartphones are increasingly popular, not only for holidaymakers but also for businesses.

    According to a study conducted by AdColony, more than half of respondents planned their leisure activities from their smartphones, i.e. booking attractions (41%) or accommodations (38%). The youngest used it to play games, access social networks and listen to streaming music.

    Shopping habits on summer vacation have changed considerably compared to a few years ago: today, the smartphone is fully integrated with of our lives. Finally, smartphones are extensively used for shopping, both for their practicality (they are always at hand) and for their ease of use. Summer time is no exception.


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