• Customer Journey Mapping in two minutes

    Customer Journey Mapping is a visual representation of the “customer journey”. That is to say: the path someone takes to find a product or service that fulfils a particular need.

    An effective customer journey mapping can significantly increase the company’s sales volume, as it focuses on the customer experience and how to improve the purchasing process.

    The customer experience may seem easy to manage, but it’s not a straightforward process. For example, what is the customer’s first touchpoint with the brand? A Facebook like, a web form, a Google search, a customer service chat? There are several ways.

    Customer Journey Mapping is helpful as it keeps track of all the interactions between the user and the company: from the first moment to after-sales service, to loyalty. It enables the brand to verify the effectiveness of its Instagram page or, on the contrary, the sluggishness of its customer service.

    The advantages of Customer Journey Mapping

    Mapping the Customer Journey allows you to identify company’s challenges and opportunities quickly:

    – It detects the touchpoints between the consumer and the company.

    – It allows you to focus on solutions tailored to each stage of the “journey”.

    – It gives an overview on how customers move through the sales funnel.

    It checks the consistency of the customer journey, by identifying shortcomings or painful points.

    – It shows the effectiveness of the marketing actions the company performed to adapt to changing consumer expectations.

    – It set priorities, thus optimizing internal processes.

    – It allows the company to focus on the most significant and profitable phases. 

    Refining the Customer Experience allows brands to build valuable and long lasting relationships with their audiences.

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