• Convergent Marketing®: 5 mistakes to avoid

    Convergent Marketing® combines the most advanced communication technologies, aiming to reach the user more efficiently and to conduct successful interactions that culminate in multiple purchases. Still, not all companies adopt this methodology in the same way: some of them neglect simple aspects, not so hard to be considered.

    5 common mistakes in Convergent Marketing®

    1. SOCIAL MEDIA: “to be or not to be”. The question is: “Is it OK to be on social media?” (There are 3.26 billion Daily Social Media users). How to behave here?

    Often times, companies do not invest enough resources in offering services in these virtual showcases. The worst part is that the image they convey is not authentic, thus generating a kind of mistrust to the users, who quickly feel the lack of authenticity. Failure might be right around the corner.

    1. CONTENT GENERATION: quality or quantity? 80% of the content offered by companies should provide useful and valuable information, while only 20% should be used for corporate content. But the hectic pace of recent times has led many organizations to saturate their channels with flat communications, which neither excite, nor create a positive effect on the consumer.

    Stories and videos can be incredibly effective to market a brand as they crave the audience’s interest.

    1. MOBILE WORLD. The small screen.

    Three-quarters of global Internet users will be mobile-only by 2025. It is surprising that even today, there are companies ignoring, or not including marketing and communication strategies for mobile devices.

    Do websites have a responsive design that adapts to the smartphone screen? Do brands adopt technology that worsens the mobile browsing experience? Are there pop-up windows that interrupt or disturb the content fruition?

    1. MEASUREMENT: no analysis. In order to know if a communication strategy is the right one, it is essential to extract data from the entire process thus measuring and evaluating the effectiveness of the initiatives. Many companies overlook this element or fail to determine which metrics (or KPIs) are most relevant for each case.

    Measurement is crucial to make accurate decisions, increase the effectiveness of actions and, among others, favour the versatility of a company in following market trends.

    1. AUTOMATION: productivity. We generate valuable content, we are active on social networks, and we spread our messages via smartphones. What is missing? The complex communication processes that allow us to interact effectively with the user. As of today, these processes require a large number of resources.

    Automation is an essential element in Convergent Marketing® strategies, as it ensures higher productivity and optimizes investments. AI offers comprehensive, profitable solutions, as chatbots do, capable of developing engaging user experiences through simple conversations in natural language.

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