• Lead Scoring & Lead Nurturing: the essentials

    Entice clients, instead of hassling them! This is one of the fundamentals of Inbound Marketing, which has revolutionized traditional marketing: stop hawking users! You should “seduce” and gradually encourage them to buy a product or service.

    Let’s remember that every brand should aim for customer’s retention rather than sales!

    That’s why, even the most basic of activities, such as encouraging people to visit the company’s website or blog in order to spread the brand’s message, need SEO and the use of social networks.

    To turn simple visitors into brand ambassadors, you cannot overlook these two fundamental elements: Lead Scoring & Lead Nurturing.

    How does Lead Scoring work? Once you acquire new data on users, through the Lead Scoring, each contact is automatically qualified and classified based on the level of interest shown and their attitude towards shopping.

    You should consider the degree of interaction with the brand’s social pages and how close the user is to the customer’s ideal profile. For example, on a scale from 1 to 10, you can assign the score. In doing so, the company knows how much that person is willing to buy and why.

    It is quite common to have a database populated by different profiles: from potential customers that are about to make a purchase, to users who randomly visit the brand channels. Thanks to Lead Scoring, it is possible to arrange every new contact and create more concrete, productive and profitable campaigns.

    Lead Nurturing and Qualified Contacts

    This marketing technique, based on the automation of communications, allows brands to maintain a positive and long-lasting relationship with the user during each phase of the customer journey. From the first contact with the brand, until the purchase, it is recommended to interact with them by sending scheduled communications where the brand offers:

    – valuable content (videos, useful tips or eBooks)

    – personalized discounts

    – webinar invitations

    – event invitations

    – other.

    This personalized and constant follow-up gives results in the medium and long term:

    A research conducted by DemandGen shows that marketers see an average 20% increase in sales opportunities from nurtured vs non-nurtured leads.

    In short, the combination of Lead Scoring and Lead Nurturing allows for maximum profitability by generating new customers from new contacts. Without these techniques, 73% of the leads intercepted will not be converted.

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