• Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2019: online marketing strategies to maximize sales

    Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two critical dates in the sales calendar. No wonder why in 2018 record numbers were registered. 

    Shopify analyzed the BFCM (Black Friday – Cyber Monday) shopping weekend 2018.

    The data was based on sales experienced by over than 600,000 e-commerce businesses:

    • Total sales: $1.5 BN in sales
    • Peak orders per minute: 10,978 orders
    • Peak sales per minute: $870,000
    • Sales recorded on mobile devices: 66%
    • Sales recorded from desktop: 34%

    To encourage consumption and make these two events profitable, companies can clearly define their online marketing strategy.

    This year Black Friday will be Friday, November 29th and Cyber Monday, on December 2nd.


    11 successful practices for Black Friday and Cyber Monday campaigns


    1. Use compelling words. Your ads must contain persuasive expressions such as: exclusive, free, chance, time, solution, easy, guaranteed, gift, or take advantage of. 
    2. Deliver products for free. “Free Shipping” is a marketing strategy that attracts consumers. It is, therefore advisable to slightly increase the product price and offer free shipping. You can also guarantee it by setting a minimum order value.
    3. Let your email open rate explode. Start with a catchy email subject line and inform your mailing list of the discounts and promotions in advance. 
    4. Offer round discounts. Promote 10%, 25%, 50% off. Never offer discounts like 14% or 27% off. They are difficult to calculate and can make your potential buyers give up. A quick tip: offer discounts <35% to captivate and get your audience to act on special offers.
    5. Interact on social media. Black Friday 2017 was commented up to a million and a half times on social media. It is therefore essential that your brand is present on these platforms.
    6. Employ urgency as a sales tactic. A countdown timer on the website, or in an email, adds extra urgency in the customer’s mind and pushes them into making a faster decision on a purchase they’re considering.
    7. Excite. We already know that emotions are one of the essential ingredients of a marketing campaign. Because Black Friday and Cyber Monday are designed to anticipate Christmas shopping, you can refer to these special dates when writing your promotional message.
    8. Set different discounts. Don’t limit yourself to a single discount: you can offer different promotions depending on the type of product or the consumer’s profile (whether they are already member/subscribed or not).
    9. Promote Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Cross-selling strategies for these two dates can work very well. Offer related promotions to consumers, such as a discount if they choose to buy different products on both days. 
    10. Choose the video. Video is one of the most attractive formats, easy to use and especially appreciated by young shoppers. You can create promotional videos to generate more engagement and include them on your website, blog or social pages (don’t forget the stories!).
    11. Attractively advertise your discount. Jonah Berger, in his book “Contagious: Why Things Catch On” explains “The rule of 100“: saying that under 100, percentage discounts seem larger than absolute ones. Over 100, absolute discounts seem larger than percentage ones, so they actually reverse. Although the two options are exactly the same, Professor Berger’s research shows that the two ways of presenting the same offer have different effects on consumers. They don’t feel the same psychologically as one feels bigger than the other.

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