• From consultant to leading marketing agency thanks to ADA and Convergent Marketing®.

    When I discovered ADA, about 6 years ago, it was a platform focused mostly on SMS texts… just a little part of what it offers now days. At that time, I was considering to change my future career, for embracing digital marketing and closing my food distribution business.

    ADA was the trigger. Although the early days were tough, the support of my current and previous companies allowed me to fulfil my professional metamorphosis.

    I started, basically, by sending text messages, and then I gradually starting to introduce landing pages.

    We moved from landing pages to comprehensive platforms, from campaign creation to complete solutions for our customers.

    In 2017 I sold my distribution company, focusing on ADA.

    At that time, ADA was already a powerful marketing platform, but it was clear to me that in order to reach customers, I had to become their communication office.

    My second, professional opportunity came when I met my current travel companion, Sergi Nebot, the best journalist, publicist and creative I have ever met in the north of Castellón. I had no doubt that it would be a successful professional collaboration. At that time, Sergi ran a company that designed websites and SEO.

    Just one meeting to realize that the union of the two companies would have built a real communication agency. Our strong point was a tool that made us different from our local competitors: ADA. That is how SocialDuo, our current agency, was born.

    Members of SocialDuo (from left to right): Sergi Nebot, Sara Julián, Raúl Albiol and Jorge de Gracia.

    ADA‘s performances over the past three years have been impressive. The steady addition of new solutions helped us to meet the demands of an ever-changing market. If ADA Flower is the most complete and effective solution on the market, ADA X (the latest version) is sensational. It is no coincidence that it received the prestigious Honorable Mention from Gartner, the U.S. world’s leading research and advisory IT company. Additionally, ADA‘s experts boosted the platform potential by conceiving a unique and innovative concept: Convergent Marketing®.

    Based on Convergent Marketing® principles, a business can turn a simple visitor into a loyal customer, by using three fundamental elements: the Smartphone (people’s favourite device), Social Media (platforms where consumers spend most of their time) and, AI (algorithms that measure customer’s degree of engagement with a brand).

    We have become the most important digital marketing and advertising company, and one of the first Convergent Marketing® specialists in Castellón, south of Tarragona, even though our customers also come from other areas of Spain.

    Our team currently consists of 4 highly qualified and motivated people. Sara Julián (graphic designer), Raúl Albiol (computer developer), Sergi Nebot (creative and imperturbable speaker) and Jorge de Gracia (whose motto is “together with ADA, ‘till death tear us apart!”).

    ADA does make the difference…

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