• The future is vertical: the marketing of the future in 5 points

    People love videos, in particular, they love watching them on their smartphone. Mobile video consumption rises by 100% every year, and 92% of users viewing a video on mobile sharing it with others.

    Following this trend, ADA offers an innovative tool, MovieTelling, which combines multimedia content and ensures high conversion rates.

    But what is it exactly? Here are its main features:

    1 – StoryTelling, its predecessor. Leading companies such as IBM, Microsoft or NASA are very familiar with the benefits of storytelling (Coca Cola has been using this tool since the opening of the World of Coca Cola in Las Vegas). Nike, Ikea and McDonalds often use this strategy in their campaigns: telling a story.

    Storytelling makes it easy to understand the message, transmitting it without difficulty and immediately generating empathy and closeness between the brand and the interlocutor. A story is like a gateway to the consumer, and now, thanks to MovieTellling, you can go a step further to meet this need.

    2 – Video, in all of its essence. We are visual thinkers. Images have a more significant impact on us, in fact, we remember 80% of what we see and 20% of what we read.

    Not too long ago, writing was the most widely used medium for brands to spread their story. Now days, to reach the public, it is necessary to adapt the story to the visual format.

    3 – The smartphone as the protagonist. Users are increasingly consuming content on mobile devices. According to Statcounter GlobalStats, 55% of people use a smartphone or tablet to surf the Internet.

    To meet this need, MovieTelling adapts 100% to smartphone format.

    4 – Emotion, in the eye of the storm. The structure of a story and its ability to excite the user are fundamental to MovieTelling. A video allows the brand to form a bond with the customer, made out of positive feelings.

    A video produces more impact than a story to be read. Besides, it allows you to gather new experiences and build a long-lasting and meaningful relationship with the consumer along the Customer Journey.

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