• Generational consumer shopping habits

    When it comes to the joy of shopping, consumption habits diverge by generation. In recent years, terms such as Millennials or Generation Z have become fashionable to refer to a particular age group. Let’s see the shopping habits for each category.



    – They were born between 1946 and 1964.

    – They feel confident using the Internet: 85% say they are looking for products online, and 66% make their purchases online regularly.

    – However, 84% prefer to shop in physical stores. For Baby Boomers, customer service is essential.

    – They buy high-end goods at higher prices.

    – They are attracted by the brand story as well as the emotional content created by brands (unlike younger consumers).

    – It is highly recommended to adopt a multi-channel strategy, as this group fancies brands that provide analog channels, such as direct or phone contact.

    – For them, an efficient brand must be able to perform basic functions.



    – They were born between 1965 and 1980.

    – Although they are not digital natives, they have gradually accustomed themselves to this context.

    – In 2017, 25% of them made online purchases, while in a physical store.

    – They have a high purchasing power, but they are savers: they buy with care, and that’s why they carefully search in advance (through search engines, online reviews, or information found on social networks). They prefer lower prices and more functional products.

    – For Generation X, an efficient brand must offer the best quality at the lowest price.



    – They were born between 1981 and 1997 and represent the brand’s favorite target.

    – Whether for social media, research, or purchases, Millennials use web devices in nearly every aspect of their life, even while shopping in stores. 79% of their purchases are made via mobile.

    – They are familiar with the web but are more likely to buy in-store.

    – Millennials are interested in the environment and are attentive to technological innovations. They move freely on social networks and take into account products or services related to sport, food, and health.

    – Promotions, process speed, or free products act as catalysts for their buying decisions. They are also strongly influenced by user-generated content, social media posts, word of mouth, and the opinions of family and friends.

    – For them, a brand is efficient when they know and anticipate consumers’ preferences.



    – They were born between 1998 and 2010.

    – They are the digital-natives for excellence. They surf the Internet 100% to compare prices, check product availability, and read reviews. 40% of Centennials give their feedback after a purchase.

    – Discounts have a good effect on them.

    – Although they frequently shop online, they still buy in-store.

    – They report a positive attitude towards green businesses, i.e., brands that pay more attention to the environment, social responsibility, innovation, or gender equality.

    – They think an efficient brand must support their community.

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