• The power of StoryTelling: 3 cases

    StoryTellings (STs) tell stories. That’s easy! In recent years, this tool has been spreading like wildfire among companies and organizations such as SpotifyMcDonald’sNasaAppleCoca Cola, IBM, Nike, Airbnb, BBVA, or General Motors.

    The magic of stories works because it allows brands to connect emotionally with the user, thus generating a solid bond of trust.

    Besides, storytelling can go viral faster than any other content, and, most importantly, it can stay in people’s memories for longer. People retain 65 to 70 percent of the information shared through stories.

    Brands utilizing storytelling to pull people in

    1. IKEA. The Swedish furniture company is passionate about STs. This ad tells a personal story (the friendship between a neighbor and a duck), thus providing a dazzling backdrop for a series of products. Can you remember it?




    1. DAMM STAR. Year after year, Catalan beer relies on ads telling stories related to youth, summer, and Mediterranean life. It is common to have a carefree style, listen to catchy music, and tell a story where the product ends up appearing in people’s daily lives spontaneously.



    1. CHRISTMAS LOTTERY. Every year, the Christmas lottery captures the attention of hundreds of thousands of users thanks to its stories. In this example, the ST works not only because it is a personal story, which conveys universal values, but also because anyone can identify as the protagonist of the story. Emotions are, therefore, the glue that holds memories together.


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