• What do users appreciate the most when interacting with brands?

    What are consumers looking for when connecting with brands on digital channels?

    To find users’ favorite feature, when interacting with a brand through a digital channel, Minsait conducted a research, offering respondents the possibility of choosing 10 main parameters:

    – Usability. It satisfies my needs.
    – Efficiency. I need to be able to reach my goal quickly.
    Security. My data must be well protected.
    – Design. The visual experience must be compelling.
    – Customization. The offer and communication must be in line with my profile.
    – Innovation. The services offered must be digital and innovative.
    – Entertainment. It must be amusing.
    – Ease of use. Reaching my goal must be simple and easy.
    No barriers between channels. When performing an activity, I would like to jump from one channel to another with no friction.
    – Quality of information. The information provided must be clear and complete.

    3 types of consumers

    The results of the study (conducted in collaboration with the Asociación Para el Desarrollo de la Experiencia de Cliente) were included in the Minsait report. Based on this document, each person evaluates his/her digital experience with a brand, depending on their profile:

    – Advanced digital profile: They value the efficiency and usefulness of the experience.
    – Intermediate profile: They appreciate the security and quality of the information.
    – Basic profile: They value user-friendliness above all

    The research results highlight four key elements:
    – Utility
    – Security
    – Efficiency
    – Ease of use
    As shown by the study, first and foremost, consumers expect or prefer quick and simple transactions.

    Other results:
    Customization is an underestimated quality even though it is by far the most perceived feature of brand digitalization.
    – The omnichannel approach is underestimated as well: only 8,1% of consumers focus on the importance of breaking down barriers between channels and complete transactions with no need to restart from the beginning.
    – Design and Innovation also seem to be of little importance, a paradoxical result, isn’t it? If consumers want transactions to be useful and high-performing, the importance of an efficient design cannot be overlooked.

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