• How to Create Memorable User Experiences with Conversational Marketing

    ADA and Convergent Marketing®

    Consumers are less patient than ever. Brands must satisfy their needs by providing real-time answers, thus outperforming competitors.

    The best way to engage with people is to reach them on digital channels, where they express their feelings and interests.

    I.e., social media (social media users have passed the 3.8 Bn mark – Digital 2020, We Are Social) and messaging apps can be harnessed to dialogue with customers, where information and reactions travel at the speed of light, or better still, mobile!

    With the spread of smartphones, consumers have begun to demand the same personalization and speed as real conversations. Based on the report Digital 2020 conducted by We Are Social, 53.3% of people access the Internet from mobile. Adapting your strategies to mobile devices is the key to competitive differentiation!

    So, what is the best way to reach prospects and customers, staying on top of the curve?

    That’s where technologies come into play!

    On Gartner’s Hype Cycle for Artificial Intelligence, chatbots, and conversational user interfaces, aka virtual agents stand at the top of the peak of inflated expectations. This trend indicates that the market is flooded with vendors claiming to offer everything from the best technology to the quickest returns of investment, but, ultimately, many will fail to deliver on the promise of both.

    To harness the potential of conversational AI, companies must make the right assessments and equip themselves with the right technology. By 2021, nearly 1 in 6 customer service interactions globally will be handled by AI (Gartner). The conversational AI is expected to continue to grow stronger and stronger. Chatbot questions and answers are finally making way for virtual assistants that not only assist customers 24/7 but can now perform advanced activities on their behalf, making the conversation less tedious and faster.

    For customers, a virtual assistant is useful because it can:

    – understand their needs. The algorithms that power conversational AI will improve exponentially with the more data they receive while conversing;

    – discern multiple requests in the same sentence;

    – easily parse complex questions;

    For marketers/brands, the support of a virtual assistant is indispensable to:

    – offer a more convenient and efficient customer service;

    – generate customer engagement. By exploiting the insights, it is possible to segment the audience and refine the targeting strategies, thus customizing the offer based on the user’s profile and conversation history;

    – structure more appropriate follow-up communications, while improving after-sales service, through strategies aimed at building customer loyalty or recovering relationships with dissatisfied customers;

    – optimize campaigns based on needs detected in real time, keeping the false-positive responses to a minimum;

    – reach the customer with the right message, on the right channel and at the time when they are most likely to convert;

    – streamline your daily work and focus on inspiration and creativity.


    ADA and Convergent Marketing® to achieve your communication goals

    ADA, the All-in-One platform for Mobile Marketing, powered by Artificial Intelligence solutions, includes all the tools for creating, distributing, and measuring engaging and profitable communication campaigns by leveraging the power of Mobile, Social Media, and AI.

    The interconnection of these elements, together with the potential of the ADA platform, help marketers and brands reach the user with a flow of digital communications, thus allowing them to oversee every single phase of the Customer Journey and turn users from simple visitors to customers and then brand ambassadors.


    Forecasts 2020-2025

    2020: 25% of customer service operations will use virtual customer assistants – Gartner

    2021: $4.5 billion expected to be invested in virtual agents – Opus Research

    2022: Projected savings of $0.70 per customer interaction – CNBC

    2023: Consumers and business to save over 2.5 Bn customer service hours – Juniper Research

    2024: Global conversational AI market expected to grow to $15.7 Bn – Markets and Markets

    2025: Customer service organizations that embed AI in their multichannel customer engagement platform will elevate operational efficiency by 25% – Gartner


    2019 capped off with $4.2 Bn market. Conversational AI adoption is expected to eclipse $15.7 Bn by 2024. So ride the wave of change and start boosting your business!

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