• Convergent Marketing®

    Go beyond the concept of campaign, offering unique experiences.

    Convergent Marketing® is a mix of tools and strategies with the scope to create interest and involvement, aiming to find the single user’s the most pertinent and useful communication tool. With Convergent Marketing® you make the most out of Mobile, Social Media and AI combining different contents and communication channels. In doing so, you will successfully offer interactive and personalized experiences with a frictionless solution.

    Welcome to the new era

    Mobile, Social Media, AI: the evolution of Digital Marketing.

    The interaction with Smartphones, Social and AI is re-writing Marketing and Communication’s modern rules. These phenomena, individually, already have a strong impact in the way that people get in contact with the brands. However, it is only when these three “worlds” interact with each other within the continuous data flow, that they will maximize their true potential.

    The five pillars of


    The key steps to boost the performance of your Marketing Campaigns

    Attract with Social Media

    This is where people spend most of their time, sharing thoughts, desires, opinions and states of mind. Social Media are an inexhaustible font of data that no business can afford to relinquish.

    Involve with emotional contents

    Due to the enormous quantity of information that people are exposed to, they have become more selective. The only way to capture their attention is to amaze and to involve them with contents that hold a strong visual impact.

    Convert with AI

    Language is the most natural way by which man communicate. Therefore, why not use the Virtual Assistant natural conversations to acquire data in order to bring the user to take a final decision?

    Automate the processes with Marketing Automation

    The world we are living in today travels at high speed, and time at our disposal often seems to be insufficient. As a result, our creativity and strategic planning capabilities are the ones enduring from this. Automation means to delegate to machines the low added value activities, in order to dedicate more time to what really matters.

    Measure the results in detail

    Data is lifeblood for marketeers and luckily the web is full of it. Every action made by the user leaves behind a series of useful information for the success of the brand. But for those to be exploitable, it is necessary to interpret them correctly and in real time

    Convergent Marketing® System

    The perfect combination between operative model and technology

    Operative model

    Integrating together Mobile, Social Media and AI, the user is reached by an interconnected flux of communications, that let brands to guard every single phase of the Customer Journey and transform a person in to a client, and later in to a brand ambassador.

    The technology

    In order to carry out Convergent Marketing® Strategies different tools are needed, being each one of them as dowel, within the entire building process. ADA X lets marketers create, distribute and measure, integrated, high performing, communication campaigns.

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    The union between Convergent Marketing® model and ADA X creates a perfect binomial and lets you achieve your objectives in the most efficient way, saving time and resources. A perfectly integrated system with which you can:


    and Maintain fruitful relationships with your clients


    data and useful information for personalized communications


    processes and save time in the making of campaigns


    decisions based on data and info, also in forecast optics


    the costs of the single campaigns increasing ROI

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