The new frontier of customer service

    The value that people attach to a brand depends on many factors. Product quality, service reliability and purchase price are all key factors, but to create a lasting relationship of trust an excellent after-sales service is just as important.

    ADA Artificial Intelligence solutions make it possible for companies to create and autonomously manage, without the need for special technical skills, virtual assistants that are available 24/7. ADA-based chatbots not only answer queries but also interact with users by proposing external links and multimedia content, and by seeking additional information that helps the marketing professional build up more detailed profiles and better serve customer needs. With each conversation, the ChatBot expands its knowledge base and becomes ever more adept at responding to customers’ demands with an always available and highly efficient service.


    One-to-One interaction with thousands of people

    The strength of chatbots lies in their capacity to automate activities and provide assistance to a large number of users at the same time. Chatbots created on the ADA platform are capable of more than simply conducting a conversation. They also provide the means for gathering detailed information about users and delivering personalized responses to their queries. To deliver an innovative and optimal customer service experience, you might, for instance, provide a video tutorial put together using our MovieTelling tool or else a short instruction manual using the StoryTelling tool.

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    Enhancing customer relationship with AI

    The successful marketing of any brand entails paying attention to your customers and building a lasting and profitable relationship with them. The company-customer relationship does not end with the purchase of the product or service, but is built up and perfected day by day by the automated delivery of personalized content. The AI systems incorporated in the ADA platform process vast quantities of data, which they translate into valuable Business Intelligence that marketers can then use to offer the most appropriate content at the right time.

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    ADA ChatBot for customer support

    Objective: stand out from competitors by offering a 24/7 customer helpline

    One of the chief challenges facing a car dealership is how to respond promptly to all potential customers looking for information to help them decide on a purchase. The dealership can use our Virtual Assistant, which, without adding to the workload of its staff, ensures that no prospective customer is kept waiting for an answer.


    • Deploy the chatbot as an information source for customers
    • Use the StoryTelling or MovieTelling tools to present the car
    • Use the Landing Page for surveys, offers and bookings
    • Use the Marketing Automation tool to send subsequent communications and forms to leads.

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