• ADA for the food and beverage industry:

    Barista Italiano

    Barista Italiano is a coffee roasting company that has combined its expertise in the production of a high quality, handcrafted coffee and an innovative digital marketing strategy, boosted by advanced Artificial Intelligence solutions.

    In order to build robust relationships with clients and prospects, Barista Italiano placed Trusted ADA to manage its communication campaigns. ADA allowed the company to create and distribute engaging content and guide customers through a purchase transaction without neglecting to monitor the performance of each initiative.


    ADA collects all the solutions that Barista Italiano needs to acquire new contacts, engage them in the purchase process and consolidate customer loyalty with tailor-made offers. The total integration of all the ADA components and the Customer Data module enable Barista Italiano to track every action taken by a user and measure the result of each campaign in real time.

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    Social media is now a primary channel for contacting coffee lovers. Discounted products and seasonal promotions have been sponsored and made compelling thanks to content created with ADA. StoryTellings and Landing Pages drove visitors to the e-commerce and encouraged them to purchase. Each new contact has been automatically included in a dedicated database and then they have received tailor made communication via email and SMS campaigns, distributed through a marketing automation flow.

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