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    COFIP is an association enrolled in the list of professional associations of the Ministry of Economic Development, whose aim is to promote the financial advisor figure, through high-level training courses and extremely useful tools.


    Thanks to ADA, the number of subscriptions to COFIP rose 80% and the advertising investments were optimized, soaring the visibility on Social Networks, also through an increase in the number of campaigns distributed.


    ADA was the ideal solution for creating Lead Generation and Lead Nurturing campaigns, aimed at winning new subscribers. Furthermore, the support of perfectly integrated AI components enabled COFIP to interpret the data collated in the course of campaigns and set accurate, future marketing initiatives, by scheduling communications based on users’ real interests.

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    COFIP combined the power of Social Media and speed of content created with ADA, focusing on a Mobile Engagement strategy. COFIP used Facebook to publicise the subscriptions to guidance courses and set up a Marketing Automation workflow. Each subscriber received an automatic text message containing an embedded link to a Landing Page and an email to download the course programme. Then, the platform sent out a text message containing a link to a vertical video (MovieTelling) with the Course description.

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