• ADA for the wine sector:

    Colli della Murgia

    Colli della Murgia, a vineyard that produces organic wines, demonstrates that, with the help of an AI-powered platform, a traditional company can build a culture of innovation to achieve great results.


    Colli della Murgia has applied the ADA technology to the wine industry for interacting with consumers, telling the brand story, explaining the core values of its winemaking philosophy and introducing the main features of each bottle of wine.


    Colli della Murgia has associated a ChatBot with each bottle of wine. Scanning the qr-code or sending an SMS text to the number on the label, the ChatBot starts an engaging conversation and answers to users’ queries. The Virtual Assistant is capable of satisfying all curiosity about wines, brand story, organic farm and food pairing.

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    The strategy of Colli della Murgia

    The strategy aims to increase brand awareness and sales through a ChatBot that suggests a wide range of multimedia content – i.e. StoryTellings and MovieTellings – capable of engaging users and encouraging them to purchase. Furthermore, thanks to innovative forms, the ChatBot can collect purchase orders and bookings for visiting the Cellar and tasting different types of wine. The ADA Lead Scoring module classifies the leads according to their interactions. This helps you to analyse users’ behaviors and get to know them better.

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    Vinitaly 2018

    The innovative bottle of Colli della Murgia was introduced at Vinitaly, the largest event dedicated to wine that took place in Verona from April 15th to April 18th. It was a huge success. The first Virtual Assistant applied to wine, that tells the story of the farm and product arouse the attendees’ curiosity.

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