Converse to convert

    ChatBot promise to be the biggest revolution on the web. Virtual assistants that use natural language and converse automatically and intelligently with customers not only provide an advanced and always available  CRM service, but also serve as an innovative means of promoting products and services, distributing incentives and publicizing offers.


    Using the ADA ChatBot Builder, you can set up a virtual assistant in a few easy steps.

    ADA includes a simplified tool that enables you autonomously to create a chatbot  and  customize it for your brand. ADA-based ChatBots, which leverage highly advanced AI systems, are designed to win new conversions by engaging users in conversations. Because using the  ADA ChatBots Builder is simplicity itself, you do not need any special technical or coding  skills to set up a fully functional virtual assistant. The intuitive interface with its drag-and-drop function makes personalizing the graphics of your chatbot a breeze. In a few minutes,  your virtual assistant will be ready to go live.

    Growing your business with a Virtual Assistant

    Imagine the convenience of an AI-Powered assistant that tirelessly:

    • responds in real time to your customers’ needs and requests
    • enhances the customer experience
    • boosts sales through targeted promotional work
    • integrates seamlessly with other content
    • supports customer loyalty drives

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    Conversational form: Turning a Web form into a conversation

    The ADA ChatBots Builder changes the whole approach to lead generation by revolutionizing how brands converse and engage with users. The ADA Conversational Form tool turns a ChatBot from a passive system for responding to users’ questions into a proactive agent that interacts with its interlocutors by asking specific questions, and encourages conversational exchanges from which useful profiling data can be mined. All it takes is one click to replace the traditional web form with a Conversational Form.

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    Web browser and messaging: Reach out to your customers wherever they are

    You can turn your Facebook page into a Facebook Messenger Bot and reach more than 1 billion users. You might also decide to publish your virtual assistant on popular messaging apps such as Telegram and Slack, or else embed it in your WordPress website. But why not also allow your customers to talk via a mobile browser? After all, a virtual assistant that works through a browser is capable of connecting to any number of the more than 2 billion smartphone owners in the world.

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