Converse to convert

    The ADA ChatBot will  guide customers through a purchase transaction in real time while  providing helpful answers to every  question and generally making the customer’s life easier. Users pose their questions, and the ChatBot does the rest. The result is higher user satisfaction and a better all-round experience.


    Thanks to the simple and intuitive interface, a chatbot does not force a user  to install other apps or open new accounts. A ChatBot gives simple, direct and exhaustive answers to  your customer’s queries.


    Choose the name and gender of your assistant (male or female voice), select the conversation language, upload the avatar, and customize the colours and theChatBot logo.

    Incremental content

    Upload a repository of questions and answers, and update it as necessary in real time. You can intervene with new content when the ChatBot has no available answers, and thus extend the knowledge base.

    Semantic analysis

    You can monitor the most relevant questions and answers, even in the case of complex or ambiguous requests.

    Multimedia content

    You can enrich textual responses with images, videos and links to external websites.

    Timed questions

    In service of your particular needs, or for promotional purposes and discount offers, you can set the time limit for how long a question will remain visible.

    CTA system

    Make the most of the way ADA integrates and distributes content through its  Mobile Landing Page, Mobile StoryTelling and Mobile MovieTelling modules, and through its mobile-friendly email services.

    Messaging apps interface

    You can integrate the chatbot with Facebook Messenger, Telegram and other leading messaging apps.


    Take advantage of how the interface is perfectly optimized for mobile. Adopt an approach based on a mobile-friendly form of interaction.

    Text to speech

    Make use of the text-to-speech function of the ChatBot , which can read messages out loud and save them for listening later.

    Automated suggestions

    The ChatBot automatically proposes possible paths for a conversation to follow and allows you to continue the dialogue with the user at the push of a button.


    TheChatBot reactivates conversations with users who have stopped interacting but not yet closed the chat window by  proposing questions that you  can  customize.


    Drill down into the data to measure the impact of chats on engagement rates.

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