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    A smartphone can work like an always open mailbox that can be checked at any time and in any place, which  presents brands with a powerful marketing opportunity. This is why we came up with UpperMail, an innovative application that, in addition to streamlining the process of composing and sending emails, also tracks the results of Email Marketing Campaigns.

    Newsletters created with UpperMail are designed specifically for mobile devices, but have also been optimized for other devices, email clients and display types.

    To facilitate touch-screen interaction and guarantee the best possible mobile email opening and reading experience, UpperMail presents a single-column display, large fonts and well-spaced buttons. Thanks to a powerful web editor that includes a drag-and-drop function, it takes only a few steps to set up a 100% mobile-friendly email service decked out with professional graphics.

    High readability and intelligibility on mobile devices

    Whether you are using an image, a stand-out title, compelling text or a targeted call to action, the important thing is not to force users to scroll down to understand your message. An essential characteristic of any mobile mail delivery system worth its salt is that the message must be immediately clear upon first reading, or even at first glance, which, if done right, will leave a favourable impression in the mind of the recipient.

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    Free up your creativity

    The drag-and-drop feature allows you to choose from multiple objects and create an email that corresponds to your real interests. Working without any of the constraints of pre-set templates, you simply drag objects into the body of the email. You can combine texts, images and videos, and, just by following a few simple steps, produce a perfectly designed newsletter.

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