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    Call to Action An integrated call-to-action system

    The integration of UpperMail with ADA’s  Mobile Landing Page and Mobile StoryTelling tools boosts the conversion potential of your email marketing campaigns. Thanks to the availability of a shared set of calls to action, you can choose to embed the one that best fits your purpose, whether it is to promote a product, secure customer loyalty, profile users or make a sale.

    In Box Preview

    The In Box Preview feature allows you to check how your newsletter will look on different devices or when viewed through different email clients or applications (Apple, Gmail, Outlook etc.). Because you can rapidly test your campaign and tweak it before going live, you run a lower risk of unsuccessful deliveries.

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    Assurance against spam

    The anti-spam testing function enhances the quality of your email campaigns and guarantees better delivery rates. The Analytics module included in the platform helps you make sense of the most important data generated by campaigns and initiatives, and makes UpperMail the perfect companion for successful email marketing.

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