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    Two thirds of the world’s population connects to the internet via mobile devices. Reaching out to this audience therefore means offering a unique experience that can be delivered through any mobile device.


    Our Mobile Landing Page is a highly advanced web editor for the creation, management and publication of a Mobile-Friendly landing page.

    With our Mobile Landing Page you can autonomously manage your mobile marketing campaigns through a platform that is optimized for mobile devices. The Mobile Landing Page module puts the best of mobile technology at your fingertips and guarantees high conversion rates.

    Designed around the user

    The user experience can be tailor-made to fit whatever your marketing objective may be, whether it is the acquisition or profiling of contacts or the running of a smartphone-enabled vending site. It takes two things to turn ambition into actual results: Calls to action and conversions. Our Mobile Landing Page are designed to increase visitor numbers and build up engaging and interactive relationships with the target user base.

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    Turning visitors into loyal customers

    Whether it is viewed on an Android or iOS smartphone, a tablet or a PC, an ADA-based Landing Page is the best tool out there for generating measurable conversions and transforming visitors into qualified leads and loyal customers. Depending on the object of your campaign, you can enrich the pages with customizable calls to action, such as data-acquisition forms, surveys, questionnaires and on-line selling tools. At last, calls to action that actually lead to conversions.

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    A single tool for a thousand jobs

    Do you want to … promote your business, convert simple visitors into qualified leads, find out what your customers think, or sell directly via smartphone? ADA will show you how a landing page can be honed into a perfect tool for achieving your goals and getting your message across quickly. Discover how to grow your business.

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