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    Do you want to … promote your business, convert simple visitors into qualified leads, find out what your customers think, or sell directly via smartphone? ADA will show you how a landing page can be honed into a perfect tool for achieving your goals and getting your message across quickly.


    Discover the complete Mobile Landing Page Suite and grow your business.

    A simple yet innovative way to promote your business

    Landing Promotion

    This highly flexible promotional tool allows you to build a robust relationship with customers, and will soon become indispensable to the attainment of your advertising strategies. Build a campaign in a few simple steps: Prepare your message, insert images and choose which calls to action your customers need to see. You can invite visitors to discover a new product or service, exploit the potential of maps to guide customers to your store, or have them watch your promotional video.

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    Convert your users into marketing qualified leads

    Landing Lead

    As anyone who works in the industry can tell you, a marketing qualified lead is a truly precious asset. Knowing this, we have found a way of turning a necessity into an opportunity. Landing Lead enables you to configure forms and acquire data and information on potential customers directly from their mobile device, all without writing a single line of code. For example, to sign users up for a test drive, a Mobile-Friendly Landing Page might include a short link embedded in a text message – an approach that not only simplifies things for the user, but is also much more productive for the car dealership.

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    Harness the potential of social communication

    Landing Social Coupon

    Social media is now a primary channel of communication and promotion. Our Landing Social Coupon is a social-media marketing tool for growing your business. Once you have created your landing page, you can transmit the short link to it in the form of a post that goes out across all your social channels. On the Landing Page itself, a dedicated form enables you to acquire and profile contacts. Encourage and reward users who leave data by gifting them a digital coupon, delivered via text message (SMS).

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    Find out what your customers think via via Mobile

    Landing Survey

    Gathering customer opinions and measuring their levels of satisfaction through the deployment of Smartphone-Friendly surveys and questionnaires gives you a competitive edge. With Landing Survey, creating, managing and publishing questionnaires or surveys optimized for mobile devices is child’s play. With all the results laid out in graphic form, one glance is all it takes to apprehend the feedback and preferences of your users.
    Users who leave their data are rewarded with a digital coupon to thank them for their cooperation.

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    Targeted surveys for better decisions

    Landing Dynamic Survey

    Dynamic Survey is a landing-page tool for the autonomous creation of surveys and polls that can be loaded with diverse and customized questions leading the user down different paths that branch off according to their responses. Thanks to its advanced features, the Dynamic Survey enables you to vary the order of questions or dynamically change them with reference to the user’s preferences. The tool thus increases the percentage of initiatives that can be seen through to completion, solicits the sort of feedback that is useful for your needs, and gathers accurate data that will help you make better decisions.

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    Grabbingopportunities on the fly

    Landing Booking

    Landing Booking perfectly integrates the physical with the online experience. With Landing Booking, you can display the salient details of your product or service on the Landing Page and set the price, terms and conditions of bookings, which users can make directly via their smartphone. Any reservation made from the landing page triggers an email alert, which facilitates the task of booking management. Promotional pricing can render an offer even more attractive and help you turn booking opportunities into actual sales.
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    One-touch sales and payments

    Landing Deal

    Customers love the convenience of being able to shop anywhere and at any time, and more and more of them do so from their smartphone.
    Landing Deal makes mobile shopping fast, convenient and secure for you and your customers. Create a “deal of the day” or time-limited offer, insert the key product details, and set the period of validity and price. Your customers receive a message, navigate to the landing page and make a secure purchase from their mobile device.
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    Display your promotions on smartphones

    Landing mFlyer

    Landing mFlyer is the digital evolution of the classic flyer: no longer advertised on a piece of paper, the promotion is displayed on a smartphone screen, using which the customer may also make a direct purchase. mFlyer offers full autonomy of action in the creation and publication of virtual catalogues and promotional flyers optimized for mobile devices. A single touch is all it takes to get information out to your customers and invite them to make a purchase and pick up their order at the point of sale.
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    Soliciting charitable donations

    Landing Donation

    In addition to its mobile donating function, the ADA suite also includes Landing Donation, which is the perfect tool for fundraising, whether on behalf of an association, public entity, organization or political candidate. The tool gives you full autonomy to predetermine the amount of the donation or else leave it to the discretion of your users.
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