ADA+SMS Landing: a perfect match

    You can still send text messages in the traditional way. Just use the ADA toolkit as before, and then send the messages out to a provider that charges by volume, regardless of response level. Thanks to its exceptional cross-platform capabilities, ADA can add a full spectrum of elements and features to a text message, such as landing links, MovieTelling, Storytelling, chatbots and so on. Why limit yourself to 160 characters when you can flesh out a good old SMS with extra content?


    What if the 160-character limit is too low?

    ADA has this issue completely covered. The platform includes an innovative web application for the batch or individual sending of text messages directly from any ADA-connected PC, tablet or smartphone. With no need to install any software, you can disseminate your mobile content with the speed and ease of a text message by embedding the message with short links to your mobile landing page or the mobile storytelling section. Your text-messaging will become truly interactive.

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    Send more than 160 characters in an SMS

    An SMS Marketing campaign has the following great advantages: short but effective communication, low costs and high reading rates. But what if 160 characters are not enough to engage your customers in the way you want?

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    Targeted calls to action

    ADA is a very flexible mobile marketing tool that you can shape perfectly to your communication needs thanks to its rich array of multimedia elements (images, videos, maps, etc.).
    You can invite users to discover a product or service, or to leave personal details when they sign up for a new service. Once users receive the SMS pointing them to the mobile landing page or the Mobile StoryTelling section, they have several actions available to them, which will depend on how you designed and built the page.

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    You can choose from a rich array of calls to action

    One of the easiest ways to increase the conversion rate of your campaigns is to optimize the calls to action (CTAs) that you present to your users.
    You can choose from several dynamic CTAs that can convert a visitor into a lead.

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