Stories with a happy ending

    Every self-respecting story has a happy ending. With the Mobile StoryTelling module you can personalize your marketing campaigns and propose digital stories with the specific aim  of encouraging  visitors to respond to your calls to action and thus winning conversions. Depending on your intentions,  your stories may include one or several calls to action (CTAs) such as, for example, a data acquisition form, survey, questionnaire or an order-placement for online sales.


    The Mobile StoryTelling tool gives you full freedom of scope to build visual storytelling campaigns that you can promote online, share on social media or distribute directly by short messaging services (SMS).

    A Call to Action for your every goal

    Simple to create and exclusive in design, the StoryTelling modules guide users unswervingly towards the desired destination and improve the conversion rate of your campaigns. You can choose one or combine several CTAs in your StoryTelling module, depending on the objectives of your campaign.

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    Promote your content


    The highly flexible “Promotion” feature helps you to build a robust relationship with your customers, and is a very useful ally in the battle to gain visibility for your campaign. Build your StoryTelling module in a few simple steps: prepare your message, insert images and choose which calls to action your customers need to see. You can invite users to get in contact directly with your store, exploit the potential of maps to guide them to the front door, or show them your latest promotional video.

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    Converting and profiling

    Lead Coupon

    With the Lead Coupon template, you can create forms and directly acquire data and information on potential customers using a mobile platform. For example, you might encourage people to enrol for a test drive by presenting them with a storybook that they can leaf through from their smartphone. The solution is as simple to use for the potential customer as it is potentially profitable for the car dealership. Users who leave their data are rewarded with a digital coupon.

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    Take the measure of your users

    Survey Coupon

    With the Survey Coupon template, you can build smartphone-enabled surveys and questionnaires to find out what your customers are thinking and gauge their degree of satisfaction. Compiling, managing and publishing questionnaires or surveys optimized for mobile devices becomes a simple task that takes little time. With all the results laid out in graphic form, one glance is all it takes to apprehend the feedback and preferences of your users. Users who leave data are rewarded with a digital coupon.

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    Selling tools


    Customers love the convenience of being able to shop anywhere and at any time, and more and more of them do so from their smartphone.
    The Deal template makes mobile shopping fast, convenient and secure for you and your customers. Create your story, add an unmissable offer along with the relevant details, terms, conditions, period of validity and price. Your customers receive a message, connect to the StoryTelling page and make a secure purchase from their device.
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