Create long-lasting and profitable relationships

    Now that people have more power than ever over their purchasing decisions, companies absolutely need to keep their customers loyal.


    To nurture a relationship that begins with a purchase, a company needs to remain present in the life of the consumer. ADA therefore provides marketers with a box of tools to build customized and multi-channel communication campaigns that will engage customers and secure their loyalty. Create engaging content with ADA editing tools to create your landing page, use our StoryTelling feature or vertical videos (MovieTelling), distribute the content via text message and email, and further your campaign using social networks and virtual assistants (ChatBot). All this can be done from a single platform, which optimizes the operational efficiency on your end and maximizes loyalty on the customer end.


    Secure customer loyalty automatically

    Reduce the time and resources you spend on lead-nurturing by taking advantage of the fully automated communication flows offered by ADA. The intelligent workflows that are part of the ADA Marketing Automation package ensures that you can reach out to each of your customers with a personalized communication that will be delivered automatically and at the right moment. Using the one instrument you can launch a content campaign to acquire new leads, convert the leads into customers by means of targeted promotions, and deepen the relationship with customers by deploying a content-marketing strategy.

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    Make every relationship unique

    To maintain a good relationship with customers, a marketing professional needs to analyse their behaviour, get to know their needs, and then communicate with them using targeted but non-intrusive messaging that seeks to offer optimal solutions for their particular needs. The Lead Scoring and Analytics modules make it possible to add layers of detail to user profiles and create a perfect identikit for each lead.
    You can generate engagement, convert leads into customers and keep the relationship you have established with them alive over time — all from the one platform. For example, you might attract the attention of potential customers with a sponsored video on Facebook and then reach them with a targeted communication inviting them to make a purchase. This is the beginning of your relationship with a new customer. To keep the relationship alive, you can set up a workflow using the Marketing Automation tool, which will periodically alert your customers to promotions and offers, or simply remind them that you are always there for them. In a few simple steps you can map out a Lead-Nurturing campaign, and ADA will carry it forward in time for you.

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