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    The basic rule of selling a product or service is to put yourself in the shoes of the potential customer. Understanding your customer’s desires, interests and habits is the key to providing a flawless service.

    Today, people use a mobile device for more than 70% of the time they spend online. Consumers use their smartphone to seek out information on products and services, to compare prices and to read the reviews of other customers on social networks or forums. Why should they then have to switch device to complete the purchase process? With ADA, you can guide the entire customer journey from the one place. You can accompany the customer from the first sign of interest in your offer all the way to the act of purchasing the product or service. Our suite, which includes the ADA Landing Page, StoryTelling, vertical video (MovieTelling) and a ChatBot, is not only ideal for the presentation of products and services, but is also designed so that users may place orders directly from their smartphone simply and securely.


    Take advantage of every online and offline channel

    The customer journey begins when a user indicates his or her inclination to acquire a given good or service, and it ends when a purchase is made. During the journey, the prospective customer intersects with several touchpoints, both online and offline. ADA puts you in the wheelhouse steering the customer through every stage of the journey. Reach consumers directly in stores or at other physical locations using WiFi-Spot and the Opt-in Tool. Make use of mobile connectivity to send text messages and emails, or to communicate with your customers via social media or by means of a ChatBot.

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    Tools designed for mobile commerce

    In order to offer each customer the best shopping experience, you need to be able to guide and facilitate every step of their journey towards the choice of a product or service. Seeing as people use their smartphones to find information, compare prices and read reviews, why force them to switch device when they come to complete the purchase? Landing Deal, Landing mFlyer and Landing Booking are three ADA tools for promoting and selling your products, creating digital flyers and facilitating the task of placing orders or bookings. Any type of content can be broadcast over diverse communication channels and interwoven into an automated flow that streamlines marketing work and facilitates the task of campaign management.

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    Perfect integration

    You can draw the attention of your customers to a product or service by promoting it through a sponsored Landing Promotion on Facebook. Send out an automatic text message containing an embedded link that leads to a vertical video (MovieTelling) with enticing images and music that describe what you are offering. Finally, our Landing Deal module enables customers who have opened previous communications from you to complete their purchase directly from their smartphone. Do you also want to offer a 24/7 help line? The ADA ChatBot not only responds at any time of the day to any questions customers may ask about your business but can also deliver further content that will consolidate customer loyalty.

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