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The smartphone has become the primary point of contact between consumers and companies. Engaging potential customers via mobile means expanding the reach of your marketing strategies.


Everything you need to run a lead-generation campaign is packed into a single platform. Short Messaging Services (SMS), email, landing pages, our StoryTelling module, vertical video (MovieTelling), ChatBots, the Opt-in Tool – every ADA feature is designed to capture user data and aim for immediate conversion by leveraging the most commonly used device in the world for navigating the internet: the smartphone.


From potential contact to loyal customer

Acquiring a new contact and transforming him or her into a customer as quickly as possible is every marketer’s dream. ADA streamlines the whole process by integrating and combining different types of digital content, all of it oriented towards conversion. Whatever your preferred tool for contacting your audience, ADA helps you gather user information easily and securely. The acquired data is automatically stored in dedicated groups and is immediately available for use in subsequent mobile marketing campaigns.

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Attract, convert, conclude and measure

Having a profiled user base is an increasingly vital requirement for business communications. Say you want to acquire new qualified contacts through a promotional offer: How many different types of software would you need? How much time should you spend? How many resources should you deploy?

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All you need is one platform

With ADA you can create a vertical video (MovieTelling) to present a promotion, enrich it with interactive calls to action and broadcast it via text message or email. Have each CTA connect to other mobile-enabled content, such as a chatbot, a landing page, or our swipe-through StoryTelling module, and include a contact form on each page to collect the data of interested users. All that remains is to measure the results of your lead-generation campaign. And you can do all this from the one platform, saving you both time and resources.

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