Make each stage of the customer journey unique

    Smartphones and tablets quickly win over users and generate traffic. An effective mobile strategy must therefore tailor the experience to fit the needs of users and should be based on content that accompanies users on every stage of their “journey” from initial engagement to reacquisition.


    ADA gives you the power to collect valuable information and build up detailed profiles of users, and differentiate your offer the better to meet their particular needs. Every tool included in the platform has been designed with a view to captivating the attention of users, converting them into customers and nurturing the relationship with them thereafter. By tracking data, assigning quality scores and accurately profiling users, the ADA platform equips marketers with the wherewithal to achieve what every enterprise or brand wants: a database consisting exclusively of qualified leads.

    Quantify and comprehend the behaviour of your customers

    Whenever a user comes into contact with content created and distributed by the ADA platform, his or her personal data and patterns of behaviour data are acquired and stored. The ADA platform gives you a unique and full-spectrum view of the habits and practices of all your customers along with information on how they are interacting with your landing page, StoryTelling module, mobile-friendly email campaign or chatbot. The ADA platform interprets and organizes user data in real time through a system that automatically assigns a quality score to users based on their level of interaction with the content. Our Lead Scoring algorithm enables you to distinguish which business contacts are ready for inclusion in the sales process from those who need further priming and contact actions.

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    Profile and customize your mobile communication

    By analysing acquired data to build up profiles, you can create a customized marketing campaign for each user. By exploiting precise information and targeting your marketing, you will be able to focus your energies exclusively on contacts that can grow your business, and make sure your communications match their expectations. The Lead Scoring system will help you make continuous and progressive improvements to render your campaigns ever more cogent and compelling for a select group of users.

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