Customer Data Plataform

Collect and manage data acquired from multiple channels in one place. In addition, you profile each contact in detail and optimize your marketing campaigns thanks to a unique view on users.

Get to know your customers and maximize your efforts

With the Customer Data Platform you will have all the features of the classic CRM but with an important additional advantage: the ability to create an accurate profile of each user, unifying data and information from multiple sources.

Doing this, you will know every detail of the ones you are addressing and you will be able to direct the best communication to each of them, saving time and money.

With the Customer Data Platform (CDP) we can manage our database and that of our customers in a simple and effective way, obtaining great results.

Francisco García | CEO Good Sociale Media

Audience segmentation

Create dynamic user segments (profiles) with homogeneous characteristics to make your marketing campaigns more and more performing. You will have a clear and precise idea at all times of the target to whom direct your tailor-made communications and you will save time and resources.