Visual content is an effective way to attract users’ attention. Leverage emotions and tell engaging stories to encourage users to interact and take the desired action. Success is guaranteed!


The art of telling a story to communicate with your potential customers.

The perfect tool to create the stimulus needed to generate a conversion.

Consulting a StoryTelling is almost like reading a book, but in digital format. Thanks to the “swipe” effect, you will browse page by page the story to tell your customers. Choose beautiful and impactful images to ensure the best user experience from a mobile device and encourage interaction with users. Each Story is perfectly suited to the browsers of the most advanced mobile device operating systems on the market, without requiring the installation of an App.

Thanks to our builder you can, in a simple and functional way, change the mood of the story at any time and from the StoryBoard change the order and sequence of the page templates. Once completed, your StoryTelling will always be available for later changes.

Thanks to ADA, our Agency creates incredible StoryTelling, with a high conversion rate.

Marc Pericas | CEO The Pericas

Thanks to the Integrated CTA system, you can insert and always make available a menu with the Call to Action within your story. Choose what your conversion goals are and customize the CTAs to suit your needs. You can also include other content created through ADA in the call to action, such as a Landing page with a form to request more information.