Mobile Landing Page

With ADA, a Landing Page can become the perfect tool to achieve your goals and spread your message more quickly.

Landing Page

ADA has 8 templates that allow you to create, in five minutes, a Landing Page to: promote, acquire data, distribute coupons, conduct surveys, make reservations, sell, create catalogs with shopping carts and even collect donations.

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Landing Promotion

Ideal for presenting events, products or services. It has the perfect Call to Action to encourage interaction:
  • Video
  • Download
  • Geolocation
  • Call
  • Email
  • SMS

Landing Social Coupon

Reward your customers or potential customers with a discount coupon or a gift, in a very simple way: by requesting the release of the data in exchange. This way they will receive a coupon via SMS to be redeemed later.

ADA automatically generates its own coupons, but also offers the possibility to import your own series, if you want to promote products or services from an eCommerce or use the codes of the checkout points of the points of sale.

It is amazing how through a single tool and in such an intuitive way, we can create as many Landing Pages as there are activities that we carry out every day in our agency.

Alessandro Ribas | CEO Louyt

Landing Booking

Let your potential customers book your products or services for a short period of time and offer them a special discount in case they decide to buy them immediately.

This Landing, like all those of the ADA suite, can go viral with a simple click, or be shared through the “send to a friend” option, a quick and direct action to send the Landing to anyone you want, via email.

Landing mFlyer

Promote your products or services via smartphone. With the mFlyer Landing you can insert up to 100 products/services (unlimited) creating a real digital catalog. By activating the shopping cart, the user can select the products he is interested in. At the end it will be possible to consult the summary of the selected products/services, complete the purchase, remove a product or empty the cart and start over.

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