For a truly incisive communication, nothing is more effective than a video, capable of arousing emotions in the public. Telling a brand or product through a perfect combination of images, words and music accessible from smartphones, is the best way to capture the attention of customers and establish profitable and lasting relationships with them.


It is an innovative Visual Marketing tool that exploits the ability of videos to generate Engagement and aim at audience conversion.

MovieTelling Tool has been designed to create video stories perfectly usable by Mobile devices, without users having to rotate the screen of their smartphone to optimize viewing.
You will be able to combine multimedia and textual contents, thus creating unique moments of contact with the public. Capture the attention of customers, excite them and stimulate them in establishing an engaging relationship with the brand.

Thanks to ADA’s MovieTelling, we have optimized our sales funnel, significantly increasing conversions.

Angela Russi | CEO IT2B