Our mission

We help marketers get the best result for their customers quickly and efficiently.

Esto el es motivo por el cual ha nacido ADAonCloud, ayudar a los marketeros de forma rápida y eficaz de hacer el mejor Marketing para conseguir nuevos clientes.

Hemos creado e integrado todas las herramientas mas potente del mercado, las hemos metido en un única plataforma, y hemos dado importancia a la sencillez de uso, para que trabajando pueda optimizar los tiempos, aumentar la productividad de tus campañas, diminuir costes y transformar los clientes en clientes fidelizados.

Welcome Marketers!

During these competitive times, the consumer is increasingly active and demanding. In response to the need, to acquire solutions that are accessible to all and adaptable to different marketing strategies, ADA integrates the best tools on the market into a single platform.

Its ease of use optimizes productivity, increasing and improving campaign results and reducing overall costs.

Massimiliano Brigida

CEO & Co-Founder

With ADA you can create mobile content, distribute it on multiple channels, measure campaign results and optimize all processes using Artificial Intelligence solutions.

ADA is perfect for promoting our events and promotional campaigns. We generate leads using Landing AMPs and QR Codes. Interacting leads are saved in the Customer Data Platform, which allows us to send newsletters to specific groups or segments of the public, or to set up Marketing Automation flows. All this is possible thanks to ADA in a simple, fast and unique solution

Anne Scheel | Marketing Bridgestone

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