Porting the Customer Journey to mobile

    Smartphones and tablets quickly win over users and generate traffic. An effective mobile strategy must therefore tailor the experience to fit the needs of users and should be based on content that accompanies users on every stage of their “journey” from initial engagement to reacquisition.


    The Customer Data module in ADA is a revolutionary solution for brand managers and marketers. It contains a set of tools for analysing all forms of user interaction, and enables you to predict the customer journey of your mobile users and fulfil their expectations and needs with the right sort of experiences and relationships.

    To achieve this, we incorporated three innovative tools into ADA.

    Tracking: quantify and comprehend the behaviour of your customers

    With ADA, you can track your customers’ journey and acquire data on how they are reacting to the content you have made available on their mobile devices.
    The ADA platform gives you a unique and full-spectrum view of the habits and practices of each customer along with information on how they are interacting with your landing page, StoryTelling module, mobile-friendly email campaign or chatbot.
    Thanks to innovative SMS tracking functionalities and customizable short links, ADA can track every action taken by a user from the moment he or she receives the communication.

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    Lead Scoring: gather valuable information about your customers

    An automated system assigns scores to users that reflect their individual level of interaction with your content. You can analyse patterns of behaviour or interpret the implicit and explicit data collated in the course of publicity drives and ad campaigns.

    Our Lead Scoring algorithm enables you to identify which business contacts are ready for inclusion in the sales process and which still need further priming and contact actions.

    Quality scores are assigned with reference to the target’s level of interest in the brand. The ADA Lead Scoring algorithm classifies leads by assigning them to the appropriate category: Hot, Warm or Cold.

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    Profiling: customize your mobile communication according to profile

    Based on analyses of the data acquired, you can create personalized messages that reach their intended recipients. You can focus efforts only on those contacts liable to help grow your business, calibrate communications with them according to whether they constitute hot, warm or cold leads, and generally target your marketing activities on the basis of accurate information. The Lead Scoring system will help you make continuous and progressive improvements to your campaigns so that they become ever more cogent and compelling for a select group of users.

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