Measure the returns on your campaigns

    Familiarity with your customers’ mobile behaviour helps you build effective marketing campaigns so that your advertising investments will generate returns. One of the great features of the Mobile Analytics module is its ability to measure user behaviour to a high degree of accuracy, and thus provide you with valuable insight into what your users really want.

    Accurate statistics for successful campaigns

    User metrics are the key to success. Mobile Analytics investigates the behaviour of users who have visited your mobile landing page or leafed through your mobile storytelling module, and transforms its findings into numbers and statistics.

    Dedicated dashboards showing key performance indicators that you can take in at a glance provide a wealth of valuable information that will help you understand the progress of your initiatives and enable you to fine-tune your mobile-friendly campaign in real time.

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    Discover, measure and improve your mobile-oriented ROI

    Thanks to Mobile Analytics, every campaign becomes an occasion for discovering how many pages have been viewed, how many unique pageviews you have obtained, how many users clicked on calls to action, which browsers were used, and the geographic location of the visitors. To facilitate the interpretation of the results, the system groups the data into dedicated sections and displays it using graphs and images. So it is up to you to seize the opportunity and increase the ROI on each of your mobile projects.

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    Email Marketing analytics

    A truly successful email campaign does not stop as soon as a user opens a message or clicks on a link. Using ADA, you can track the activities of individual recipients even after they have opened the email, and evaluate whether the results are in line with your expectations.

    ADA encompasses an advanced system for measuring principal parameters such as: the delivery rate, the number of messages rejected by the server (both “hard” and “soft” email bounces), the proportion of messages opened, and the user conversion rate.

    Delve into the statistics of individual users, including discovering the source of clicks, to improve the quality of your list and measure the cost per conversion and the return on investment.

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