Personalized video stories yield excellent results.

    For incisive visual communication, nothing beats video. The power of video to elicit an emotional response can turn the telling of a story into an engaging and stimulating user experience. Communicating a brand through a perfect combination of images, words and music that smoothly and automatically flow into a smartphone is the best way to capture the attention of your customers and establish lasting and profitable relationships with them.


    MovieTelling is an ADA-based visual editor for the creation, management and sharing of high-definition smartphone-friendly video stories, which are the ideal vehicles for delivering immersive multimedia experiences. MovieTelling is an innovative visual marketing tool that makes the most of the potential of videos to engage and convert an audience.

    It gives you the power to combine multimedia elements and text into a unique package of content for your intended public. Capture the attention of your customers, excite their emotions and motivate them to bond closely with the brand.

    Vertical videos for a natural watching experience

    The ADA MovieTelling tool is designed to create video stories that are watchable on a smartphone without forcing users to rotate the screen. Directly reaching millions of people on the device they use most often with stories made up of a perfect blend of images, words and music is the most incisive and engaging way to communicate.

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    A winning communication will be immediate, comprehensible and emotionally impactful

    Because everything flows at great speed in this age of the internet and mobile connectivity, exciting the curiosity and interest of the public requires the direct delivery of emotionally stimulating communications to a large number of potential customers at once. This is the inspiration behind MovieTelling, an innovative tool in the ADA package for mixing together diverse forms of multimedia content and generating conversions.

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    Mobile-to-mobile solutions providing seamless connectivity

    Making the most of mobile communications, from screen to screen, from device to device. The benefit of perfectly integrated devices is seamless connectivity. With its large repository of CTAs, the MovieTelling tool offers multiple opportunities for user conversion, and enables you to plot out a clear route towards the destination you have envisaged for your users.

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