We have revolutionized the world ofSMS Marketing

    SMS Ads is an innovative way of sending text messages that combines the enormous economic advantages of the pay-per-click system with the features that make text messaging one of the most efficient and effective communication channels ever. ADA is the only platform that enables you to create a campaign, distribute it and monitor its marketing performance all from the one place. With SMS Marketing, you pay only when you get results and always keep full control over your spending. Do you need to send bulk mails that link to external resources? Then you should use our SMS Top from within the ADA platform.


    Why pay for a missed target?

    With ADA, text messaging (SMS) offers a sure means of obtaining certain measurable results directly via mobile. SMS Ads dispenses with fixed charges for the sending of text messages. This means you can budget for actual clicks rather than bulk sends. In short, send text messages for free and pay only when you generate a conversion.

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    How is it done?

    ADA runs technologically advanced metric analyses to help you monitor, via mobile devices, the “customer journey”. Keep track of the behaviour of each lead, assign a score corresponding to the quality of the lead’s interactions with the brand, and customize every communication by shaping it to the profile of the recipient. With features such as these, ADA offers you the chance to use a revolutionary text messaging system that charges by measurable result rather than by mere bulk.

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    Evaluation of costs

    The system automatically calculates the minimum and maximum cost of your SMS campaign.

    Great job

    This is the threshold at which the number of opened links are counted but not paid.

    Advanced analytics

    Detailed data to help you maximize returns (ROI).

    Marketing Automation

    Integration of SMS Ads in automatic workflows.

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