Customize and disseminate your social media campaigns

    When a potential customer clicks on an ad and lands on a mobile landing page or on a customized mobile storytelling page, the click is stored in a cookie. If the same user completes an action, such as, for example, entering data into a form (Landing Lead), taking part in a survey (Landing Survey) or making a purchase from his or her smartphone (Landing Deal and mFlyer), the conversion tracker retrieves the information stored in the cookie.


    Knowing the hit rate of a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign is vital to working out the return on your advertising investment. The ADA Tracking Pixel module enables you to leverage mobile landing pages to support Facebook ads and Google AdWords campaigns by inserting codes that keep track of conversions.

    Customize and disseminate your Social Media

    Communication by social media helps your brand reach more customers and brings material benefits to your business. People interact through social media: they use it to get information about products and services, to exchange opinions and information, and to share content. In the sphere of social media marketing as elsewhere, content is king. ADA helps you customize content and share it far and wide via social media.

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    Tailoring the user’s experience

    Simplify the feedback process so that customers, team members and other stakeholders can directly comment on your projects. Get the feedback on all your projects delivered to the one place.

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