Emotions generating contents

    Nothing beats the persuasive power of images. With this in mind, we devised a tool that not only facilitates the creation and distribution of digital stories on mobile platforms but also produces performance reports so that you can measure their impact. The tool includes a swipe-effect feature, which makes its use all the more engaging and exciting.


    The Mobile StoryTelling tool gives you full freedom of scope to build visual storytelling campaigns that you can promote online, share on social media or distribute directly by short messaging services (SMS).

    The future of digital narration

    As a technique for getting a message across, StoryTelling relies on narrative creativity. Customers who have been won over by storytelling techniques tend to be deeply engaged, particularly loyal and highly responsive. Our Mobile StoryTelling module revolutionizes online communications by turning a communication message into a narrative that grabs the attention of users by evoking specific emotional responses, and steers them towards carrying out a desired action.

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    The power of narrative

    The Mobile StoryTelling tool puts a sequence of customizable page templates at your disposal. Each template forms an element of the story. Choose from the available templates, add images and manage the content. The visual impact of your story will be enormously enhanced by animations and video peeling effects – all without having to write a single line of code.

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    Designed for mobile

    The Mobile StoryTelling tool optimizes the storytelling experience for mobile users. Large-scale images and multimedia videos encourage interaction with users. Each story composed using this tool works seamlessly with the browsers of the most advanced mobile operating systems on the market without requiring the installation of any add-ons.

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    Leverage emotions

    Thanks to the drag-and-drop function, compiling stories is as simple as ABC. Our web editor serves as a simple yet highly effective means of altering the mood of the story at any time or changing the sequencing of the page templates in the story board. Once completed, your StoryTelling project will be permanently available on the cloud, and will remain amenable to any changes that you might decide to make later.

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